Text submissions

How to submit a text?

Send us your text as an e-mail attachment to redaktion@zeitblatt-prisma.de! All popular formats like .pdf, .odt, .txt etc. are welcome.

When do I have to send my text, so it can be printed in the next issue?

The deadline for prisma #6 is the 31th of August 2017.

Which kind of criteria is my text supposed to meet?

It should consist of your own thoughts and words and shouldn’t exceed 2-4 pages. The form is up to you.

How many texts are published in each issue?

Each issue will contain eight texts at least.

What about copyright?

By submitting a text, you allow us to reprint the text in an issue and to publish this issue online. Otherwise, the rights of the text remain with the author.

Can I get paid for my publication?

prisma – Zeitblatt für Text & Sprache is free to all and can be published thanks to the support of AKB Foundation. So the payment would simply be the publication of your text, as well as a copy of the magazine, which we will send you by mail.